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Logistics Management

At DTS, we don't just move freight; we take supply-chain efficiency to the highest levels. Our experienced team uses the latest information technology and centralized capabilities to shrink your cycle time and inventory, shorten your time to market, and maximize customer satisfaction and profitability. Our logistics services include :

Freight Payment
Shippers face many challenges in managing the transportation process. Ensuring that payments are made in a timely and accurate fashion is a complex challenge, especially when a company has to process thousands of them every month. Having accurate information to quickly resolve disputes has historically been a nagging issue for most companies. Additionally, finding detailed shipping information in one central location is more of a pipe dream than a reality for most companies. These existing processes require a lot of human facilitation to make them work, adding to overall costs of transportation. DTS makes this process very simple and uncomplicated and can handle any question/dispute in seconds.


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